Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is an exciting time for DP Press and our nomadic friends at the Bed Stuy (soon-to-be-Williamsburg-soon-to-be-Bushwick) LAB. The next LAB reading drops on Friday 4/15 at a location in Williamsburg so awesome I can't print it on the net. E-mail me for details: This is the last house event for the lost tribe of LAB before arriving at the promised land, Brooklyn Fireproof, which will be rocking on May 20th for a special collaboration celebrating the release of DEATH PANEL LITERARY DIGEST #4!

In case you've been snoozing on the LAB, here's a video from the last event:

In other news, I've started working with the newly founded Brooklyn Mint ( We're having a Brooklyn Mint reading on 4/21 to kick off this Brooklyn partnership at the lovely Brooklyn Fireproof right off the Brooklyn Jefferson St stop on the Brooklyn L train. (119 Ingraham St.) It's a bar in an alley, which is really cool and urban except when you take a girl there on a first date and its closed and she flips out thinking you're a rapist. Or so I've heard. The theme of the reading is angry e-mails. Bring your own! There will be time for guest readers. Here's the flier, please circulate:

In closing, elephant in the room here: this site is awful. I used to think it was punk or whatever to have a shitty website but now I'm just embarrassed. There's a DP site that's half-made on Word Press but I finally had to face up that I'm just an Angelfire dude in a brave new Tumblr world. If you'd like to help with web stuff please get in touch. I can pay a little bit or give you some zines or something. Let me know.

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  1. "I'm just an Angelfire dude in a brave new Tumblr world.



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