Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I make a point to update this thing as little as possible. A former "current events" blogger in my sixth year of recovery, I must still remind myself daily that I am not obligated to give my e-pinions on Sarah Palin's latest Youtube Tweet or whatever. Whenever I venture into blogworld I'm reminded of Kierkegaard's proposition that we grant all items of public discussion the importance they will be afforded one hundred years in the future. How cruelly, he sneers, have we silenced so many!

That being said, I also sometimes just forget my blog exists, which is kind of different. Check out these awesome events that I should have written about:

Thanks to Anna and Kimberley of Papercutz, our esteemed readers, and everyone who came out. Papercut is currently raising money to keep their awesome space going, please check out the site to see how you can help out! I want to make Boston readings a regular thing by the end of the summer.

I couldn't promote this one properly because of restrictions on the space. I'm just posting it now because I love the flier. Its funny how many people found out Knut was dead from this flier. Also, the image depicts well how most of the people involved looked by about 9 o'clock, only cuter and less dead.

What's that?! Something that hasn't happened yet?! Don't worry, its in two days and will be outdated soon enough. Come out to the LAB #4 this Friday and see DP all-stars Austin Lemieux, Andy Spano, yours truly, and many others! This will also be your first chance to snag copies of DEATH PANEL LITERARY DIGEST #4, and Austin Lemieux's live record COCKSTORM! We'll have a formal release party for DP4 in due time, but this will be your first chance to get your hands on the zine that's been called "Rich, fibrous paper, teeming with myriad different words, and held together by two durable staples."

OK see you in a year. Keep blogging.


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