Monday, March 21, 2011

Another satisfied customer!

From "LAB":

Thank you for attending the second event of THE (Bed-Stuy Performance Col)LAB(orative), a.k.a. THE LAB at Lefferts Place, Brooklyn this past Friday. Art needs great audiences, to paraphrase Whitman (a Brooklyner), and you were such an audience. You also made it a fun party. We're so happy it turned out to be what we had hoped. The next will be in April. You will be alerted to this danger.

Thank you also for your enthusiastic reception of our readers:

Tyler Burba
Andy Folk
Justin Mitchell
Michael Dorr
Jarrod Shanahan
Andy Spano

There will be a new line-up next event, with, as we promised our muse Judith Butler, a strong representation of women readers. If you are interested in reading, please contact Andy at and Hannah at

We will soon have a larger public venue with space and gear to do multimedia presentations and bring other genres and disciplines to the event.

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