Friday, July 22, 2011

Shhh... It's A Secret!

This weekend DP Press celebrates our latest release, DPP#7(!) entitled "Shhh... It's A Secret". Come join us at the 6th installment of the LAB series tonight at Brooklyn Fireproof, featuring a performance by yours truly and all kinds of cool stuff from our good friends. Jack Carr is the rookie of the year IMO, I saw him read last week and it was surreal.

And tomorrow DPP will be featuring our entire catalog at the second annual Popsickle (sic) Festival at the lovely Gowanus Ballroom! Last year was a blast, except this one guy totally stole my entire set and read a bunch of Google maps directions to his house, leaving me with like 2 hours to come up with something else to read. And then some other dude threw his shoes in the trash during his reading, which was totally my grand finale! It worked out OK though considering, but only because alcoholic energy drinks were still on the market. Anyway, this year DPP will be debuting our most recent releases and chilling hard. Come say hi, and pick up the new jams. DPP friend Ben Pease is reading later in the day, be sure to check him out.

Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, "WAAAAAAHHH, ITS HOTTTTT!!!" Suck it up babies, this is the Northeast. The weather is just like the music... brutal!

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