Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big week for DP Press

Hi all,

So there's this funny video on the Internet you ttly gotta watch. And there's a zany news story that you just won't believe! And there's a hard-hitting opinion piece that either you'll agree with or it will infuriate you. Nothing specific comes to mind, but you get the picture. Just another day in the exciting world of blogging. I guess you have to talk about something besides the weather sometimes.

The good news is DP Press will be kickin' it "IRL" this weekend, with two rare public appearances by its reclusive founder Jarrod Shanahan. The first is Friday 2/11, 10 pm at a small gathering in Bed Stuy for DP VIPs and other unfortunates. Email for the address: The second is this rad event in Jarrod's home town of Cambridge MA:

Come and hang with us and Jimmy of Reflections on Imperfections Zine. All past issues of DP will be available. Also, DP Press is not responsible for the claims to cheap snacks. And this is a drug and alcohol free space, so this means most of you will not want to come. Perhaps this map of nearby bars will change your mind?

See you this weekend,


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